Culinary Retreat

Culinary Retreat

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A-Sacred-CaveA Sacred Cave

A short trip across the Badung strait from Bali, Nusa Penida is a world apart.

A-Traditional-Village-ImmersionA Traditional Village Immersion

Sudaji means holy knowledge. This small farming village in North Bali is a perfect removal from the congestion and traffic of urban Bali.

A-Water-JourneyA Water Journey

Water is considered the "life-line" of Bali. From ritual purifications with holy water to the famous subak irrigation system.

HJ-RwaBinedaRwa Bineda - Batur to Agung

Rwa Bineda is the Balinese philosophy that describes the continuous play between opposing forces.

* 癒しの旅の収益の10%は、バリ島伝統の村や寺院の保護と伝統継承のための社会的活動に寄付されます。