Water Healing


Private Water Healing Sessoin — 90 min

Per person Rp 1,750,000 ++

Let go and float effortlessly in our hydrotherapy pool as our water healing therapist glides you gracefully through the water and applies artful stretches and luxurious massage assisted by the water. As you allow yourself to relax and surrender to the support of the water and free movement, the body unwinds and releases holding patterns, encouraging healing on the mental and emotional planes. Profoundly relaxing and nurturing, this therapy recalls the safety, timelessness and peacefulness of the womb. The Balinese concept of Tri Hita Karana comes to life with human and elemental connection and a sense of the deeper connection to Life itself.

Our therapists, trained in the aquatic bodywork traditions of Watsu, Healing Dance, and Water Dance, share this gift of love.

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Special Offer

Come for a Water Healing ritual in September and receive a complimentary Afternoon Tea set of Fivelements Signature Teas & Blends accompanied by Chefs Tastings
  • Advanced bookings are essencial
  • Non-Refundable and not combinable with other promotions
  • Based on availiability


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