Bali Inspired Lion King

lion king

Sunday April 26th 2015, 2pm

At Fivelements

Inspired by Julie Taymor’s work with puppetry and mask in her famous LION KING (which was ignited by her 4 yr stay in Java and Bali), we have re-created our own version of Lion King with a deeper connection to Balinese Barong and Mythology, Shadow Play and Mask based on local animal study and research, dance and movement choreography and storytheatre with music.

Please join us in celebration of Earth Day, with our children’s multi-cultural, co-creative production, BALI-INSPIRED LION KING.

May all of our artistic endeavours be based on a foundational awareness of Mother Earth (Gita Pertiwi) as our sacred home. May we all help each other to live in a manner that is in support of LIFE and living systems.