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At Fivelements, we envision a sanctuary for learning love and respect for all life. Our mindset of sustainability derives from continual interaction and mutual support of the various elements and activities that comprise life at Puri Ahimsa. As such, we strive to love all of the elements within our environment, whether it be respecting water resources by storing rainwater, supporting land stewardship through village waste management programs or maintaining spiritual balance by conducting daily ceremonies. We are always seeking for new ways to expand our current programs through immediate synchronicities and long-term partnerships.

Our Guiding Pillars of Sustainability:

Environmental Awareness
We believe that a basic understanding of natural and social systems is integral to a sustainable relationship with the environment. Therefore, we encourage formal education through our workshops and guided healing programs, as well as spontaneous individual learning through the opportunities that occur throughout the landscape of Puri Ahimsa.

Social Sustainability
At Fivelements, our Management Team is committed to continuous cooperation and open dialogue with our neighbours in the village of Baturning, throughout the island of Bali and around the world. It is our intention that, through this ongoing dialogue, mutually beneficial solutions can be found for any challenges or conflicts that may arise.

Positive Impact
Our Design and Operations teams are committed to minimising the impact of our activities upon the land we occupy and ensuring that any disturbances will be offset by positive action through tree planting and the support of like-minded sustainability efforts.

Fivelements Sustainability Report