Healing Journeys


Fivelements presents authentic healing excursion programmes in Bali and throughout Indonesia.

The art of traveling is an act of letting go. At Fivelements, we believe traveling through Bali can present once-in-a-lifetime experiences that open the heart, mind and soul and nurture personal growth and healing. Inspired by this belief and supported by our collective experience on the Island of the Gods, we have developed a selection of unique customizable one-to-five day Healing Journeys.

Following a pre-consultation with one our guest liaisons, we will suggest a personalized itinerary for a Sacred Pilgrimage, a Village Immersion or a Nature Trek, as well as pairing you with experts in appropriate fields of study to guide and enrich your experience. A dedicated team will then work together to thoughtfully personalize each day in line with the Balinese Philosphy of Tri Hita Karana. The goal of these Healing Journeys is to inspire balance between the spiritual, natural and social spheres of life.

Based on your individual interests you may soon find yourself on a pilgrimage to a hidden cave temple with a Balinese priest and a cultural anthropologist…You might be welcomed into a remote Balinese village for an extended stay in a local home with a Gamelan musician and a Linguist.…Or maybe you prefer to make a trek into Bali's mountain-top rainforests to search for healing herbs with an ecologist and one of our Balinese Healers.

We invite you to embark upon an authentic Fivelements Healing Journey and discover the magic of Bali.

A-Sacred-CaveA Sacred Cave

A short trip across the Badung strait from Bali, Nusa Penida is a world apart.

A-Traditional-Village-ImmersionA Traditional Village Immersion

Sudaji means holy knowledge. This small farming village in North Bali is a perfect removal from the congestion and traffic of urban Bali.

A-Water-JourneyA Water Journey

Water is considered the "life-line" of Bali. From ritual purifications with holy water to the famous subak irrigation system.

HJ-RwaBinedaRwa Bineda - Batur to Agung

Rwa Bineda is the Balinese philosophy that describes the continuous play between opposing forces.