This year I decided to take the executive team for a day retreat at "Fivelements" the day objective for us was to reconnect as a group and team through the sharing of an array of experiences that the property extends to its customers. Not only we achieved our purpose but we had also the opportunity to discover a new world of opportunities by being immerse in the world that five element offers to its guests, through the wonderful treatments offered at the Spa, the exquisite raw cuisine that is taken at another level by the culinary team and also the passion displayed by the owners Chicco & Lahra with their wonderful team!

Fivelements team Bravo!

Michel Chertouh, Area General Manager, Bali Resorts
IHG®, c/o InterContinental Bali Resort


I loved my stay at Fivelements everytime i can be there! It is really the perfect home away from home to just release and let go and ground. Go to mama earth, she will know how to fix you. The scenery, tranquility, the peacefulness of just whispering trees and the healing chorus of crickets all contribute to a holistic healing and restful mind. Not to mention the raw living foods that just complement everything else in this beautiful location. I always miss going back here.

Sophie Navita, Indonesian TV host/singer, certified rawfood vegan chef


Fivelements is a place of rejeunevation, where to find balance, harmony, health.

The whole resort is fulfilled with a scent of holiness and the energy that one receives by stepping in is absolutely the most pure and sincere, uplifting!

The fact Fivelements has a sacred area at its entrance, where regularly fire ceremony are held, is of extreme importance for keeping the vibrational energy level and inspiring any new visitors.

The bamboo architectural design of the whole place and the spiral roof of the main hall is a masterpiece and immediately drives the guests toward natural balance and unites them to the Supreme Architect.

Every room is equipped with a bathtub carved in a gigantic volcanic rock, facing the green lush of the untouched jungle crossed by the Ayung river, taking a bath into those bathtubs is like going directly in the womb of Mother Earth, where to transform our weights in new vibrant energies.

The restaurant offers one of the most inspired and healthy raw food I ever tried, the final arrival point for those evoluted beings looking for health and happiness through nutrition.

The awareness that fivelements's food is able to vehiculate is unique, a pure light in the darkness of humankind!

Paolo Alberto Volpe, Environmentalist entrepreneur, spiritualist and QiGong Master


Dear Change Angels

I wanted to send you a small note to say thank you. God has given me the opportunity to experience many deep failures and huge success. Through them all i have realised never to stop learning. never stop trying to be a better human being. That is what brought me to Fivelements. I came cause i wanted a few massages , good service and a quite place where i can think and learn. What i found was you. The Change Angels. I leave your paradise a changed and a better human being. I leave now to become with humility an Ambassador of yours. I leave to start my new journey equipped with the knowledge you have so generously passed to me. Your attention to me, the caring i have seen in the way you have interacted with me and your acceptance to bring me in as one of yours on the first day of my arrival is a story i will tell my grand children God willing.

I say thank you for changing my life. My Change Angels.

Saeed Al Mustafiq (Dubai)


My mother had such a beautiful experience at Fivelements. She was absolutely glowing when she came out, as I had no doubt she would be. Shireen and I have been to many retreats but we really believe Fivelements is a rare gem and truly makes a difference in people's lives!

Helene and Shireen Sandi


Dear Lahra and Chicco,

We are so grateful for the kindness, support, professionalism and love you have extended to us, making our wedding a very special day.

Thank you for creating such an oasis of beauty, health and integrity.

It was a blessing on many levels.

Huge thanks to Stephanie, Ida Bagus, Chef Made and all the staff at Fivelements.

We hope that this will inspire more couples to have conscious weddings at Fivelements and we will definitely recommend it highly to our friends.

With love and gratitude.

Cecile and Misha


Dear Chicco,

I am writing to thank you for your support during my incredible stay in Bali. From speaking at TEDx Ubud, to the amazing “finish line” parade, to getting to ride my first wave… the end of my journey  was something I will never forget. I am so grateful for your friendship and help, not only of myself and my journey, but for all people with disabilities.

Together, we showed Indonesia and the world that people with disabilities can lead full, active, and healthy lives… and have fun, too!  The people I met during my journey have so much heart, hope, and potential, and if we have been able to inspire even a few them to take their next step towards independence through our work together, I know our world will be better for it.

Now that I’ve completed my journey, I feel so strong, and free, and ready for whatever may be next.  Because so many people like you supported me, trusted me, and gave me a chance, I was able to do things I never thought possible.  When I had my accident I learned that we never know where life may take us, but right now there are a million ways we can celebrate life, and share kindness, and find inspiration.  I certainly found plenty of inspiration working with you, and will continue to spread the word about disabled people and the incredible things we can do.   Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Sri Lestari (Indonesia)


The fast at Fivelements was a powerful physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual success with people participating from over 8 countries.One hundred percent of the participants had their spiritual energy (kundalini) awakened which is extraordinary in of itself. Fivelements is the ideal place to do a spiritual fast.

Gabriel K. Cousens, M.D., MD(H), D.D.



I want to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart. In your own way you demonstrated authentic healing capacities. This magical place helped & supported me in many ways saying a full "YES" to life again.

It changed my life.
As cells of a bigger body, let us together, gracefully dance this thing called "life"...
See you soon,
All my love. 

Matie Balcaen


Dear Janur,

Thank you so much for being you, for being so present and for your guidance. We are truly grateful for these amazing days here. And having the opportunity to take our paths and health to the next level.

See you soon.

Much love. 

Frank & Christina


After my 10 days stay at Fivelements I am energized. I feel a sense of vitality and am ready to go home.  I am centred and feel that I have reconnected with myself. My thought processes are clear as I have had the time and space to take a step back, and am ready to handle and deal with issues. My blood sugars have normalized, ranging from 6-8 mmol/l (108-144g/dl). My sugars were averaging 16mmol/L (288 g/dl) on insulin just prior to that. The people who have assisted me on this healing journey are now my friends.

6 months on....

I have quite simply changed my outlook on life. I have accepted the River of Life (as Made Janur puts it) in all its meandering and surprising twists and turns. I have taken control of my diabetes. I no longer fear food, nor am I slave to my medicines. Food is now my Medicine and my Medicine is my Food (Chef Made). I have met Chicco, the co-founder and President of Fivelements. I will be participating in the forthcoming Spiritual Juice Fast with Dr.Gabriel Cousens. I have come to terms with and cherish the relationships that matter in my life. I am living life with depth, passion and clarity.

I am Free.

I have since revisited Fivelements with my husband Mj and my dearest girlfriend, Sheena. On the journey home, Mj whispered in my ear, I now know what you mean by being free. 

Dr Sakina Ali Abul Hassan
MBBS, MRCP (UK), MBA (Imperial, UK), DIC (Imperial, UK)


Thanks so much for checking in.  It was truly amazing!  My massage with Made was exactly what my body needed.  He is incredible, he worked on stuff that was stuck, my knee for example.  Then there was the facial, WOW!  I've had my share of facials in my life but this one was so relaxing and pampering, I was snoring through some of it.  Then the healing session with Wayan... another WOW.  I could feel the energy when he was working on me.  I had felt like I was getting a cold and had a slight sore throat.  He fixed that and when he was working on my throat I started coughing and knew he'd cleared it... today I feel 100% better.  Oh, and I almost forgot about the amazing lunch.  I'm no stranger to raw foods but this was incredible.  I was so full when I left but I felt so great at the same time. 



I have been to Fivelements.. it changed my whole energy... to a deeper level... more connected, grounded, unconditional love, peace, harmony. The energy is something special, what you see on in this video you feel this energy just walking around Fivelements... its nothing like you will ever experience anywhere else in the world, if you are looking for a deeper connection with yourself and the universe. I cant wait to hold my Bali retreats there one day soon. Love and Light.

Nicky Arthur
( Yoga teacher & Life style coach, Australia)


Thank you for creating such  a beautiful place. I came for the food, the inspiration, the energy and your lovely staff. This is my second visit. I will be back many times with many friends. It is lovely how you open your space to day visitors for tour of the yoga spaces.

Miss Ronie Noasa


It take a team to create a nourishing atmosphere - and this is the a team should not soon be broken. This food has brought tears to my eyes on several occasions this week, and the stay would not be the same without it. Let continue to spread the good news about raw food and fivelements together.

Kim Nightingale


It’s unprecedented for a relatively new spa, or should I say ‘retreat’,  to receive as many accolades and awards in their first years. And, interesting that recognition is not just the top award but also nominations in categories that are becoming vital in this industry such as environmental practices, design, innovation and vegan cuisine.

Susie Ellis
(President of SpaFinder USA)


 Fivelements approach is not solely a focus on external beauty, it is about the complete human being.

Karen Goudge
(The owner of Sydney-based SpaTravel Asia)


Very special experience that can’t be had anywhere else in the world. Food, service, surroundings – beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

(Blue Mountains, Australia)


Fivelements is a sanctuary for serenity, Balinese charm, wellness, and a deep connection with life’s transforming energies. It has been a privilege to spend two sublime weeks here. The food has nourished to the cellular level. The environment has refined the senses. The wonderful team has touched the heart. The site has connected with the soul. Heartfelt thanks!

Prof. Gerry Bodeker 
(Oxford, UK)


This wasn’t just one of the better meals of my life, it was one of the best experiences! This is really an oasis in the desert of life. Thank you for a wonderful finale to a life-changing trip.

Norma Jean


My experience at the Fivelements healing village has been incredible. Both the treatments and the staff are nourishing for the soul. Such a compassionate environment. I can’t help but smile when I am here. Thank you so very much!



What can I say? I have had the most revelatory, blissful, incredible spiritual healing experience here at Puri Ahimsa. The Sakti Dining Room is simply world class, but what has touched my heart is the dedication of the most incredible talented and committed group of healers I have ever had the honor to know, what a life experience. I feel luck I have found out this undiscovered gem.

Thank you, thank you!!

Sacha Gervasi
(Movie Director)


The pure spirituality of Fivelements was palpable the minute we arrived. The 5 days we have spent here have truly been heaven on earth. The friendly faces, the exquisite food, the master healers, the exotic treatments all add up to a well-deserved 10/10. We came here exhausted, stressed to the max from the fast paced lives we live, but we are leaving feeling truly rested, grounded, energized, peaceful and well reminded of the really important things in life.

May blessings be yours abundantly.

Wendy and Hosen Kiat
(Co-founders, Cardiac Health Institute & Sr. Cardiologist & Professor of Medicine, Sydney Australia)


The food, the setting, the people, the service... I have travelled around the world and this place is by far the most magical. The massage therapy was unbelievable - truly the best treatment I have ever had!


Carolyn Murphy
(Actress & Model)


To all my friends at Fivelements - you have all opened my mind and mu heart! This is very special place and I am glad I was able to share it with you.

I will never forgot my experience have truly amazing!

Thank you, Namaste

Adam Levine
(New York)


At the close of a most incredible experience, I say "thank you". It is almost to simple to describe the depth of my gratitude. I had only a notion of what would come of my stay at Fivelements but no idea!

My "head" would say I feel "wonderful" but i don't. I feel raw, vulnerable, scared and exposed but grounded by faith that the best is yet to come.

I'm sure you hear weekly many stories of pain & suffering - I never knew to what degree the depth of my sadness kept me as a prisoner of pain until you amend me into new path. I look forward to walking that path in the hope that I have seen the end of chronic pain.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

With gratitude fondness & love.

Sandra Brand


For our family it was special stay here - our 25th wedding anniversary. We loved the peace and energy here, and the care to details. We are looking forward for next visit and encorage Fivelements' wonderful team to continoue their special vision.  

With love...

Christian, Maria and Mara
(Hong Kong)


I enjoyed the time immensely at the Fivelements. As a chef myself, I can value the kitchen and the work done is exceptional, in taste and presentation. What a delight, what a surprise also, to experience a concept so well thought out and so perfectly put in practice.

All the ingredients for healing and up lighting stay are there, including the most important one: LOVE....

Thank you

(Chef, Geneva, New York)


Fivelements is an incredible place! After 5 treatments, I now have a straight leg and can walk without any difficulty. After 7 years of trying many different therapies in my country, I am returning home to tell my doctor I do NOT need hip replacement surgery!

Keep up the Love in Action

Sharon Marynick
(Teacher & Literacy Specialist, Toronto)


What an inspiration! Thank you so much for creating Fivelements. After suffering the loss of my father and other personal traumas, I leave here after 5 days of treatments feeling my heart for the first time in eight years!

Grazie di cuore

Roberta dal Checco
(CEO, Milan, Italy)


What a lovely and perfect experience. This is a true oasis that takes you far, far away. Every detail from the preparation of the food to the ultimate special healing massage felt tailored for me. I cannot wait to return!

Best of luck

Justine Potashnik
(International Footwear Designer)


Fivelements has blown me away in every aspect! Firstly, the vision - Love, Transformation & Respect for Life - what an amazing vision - I love it! And what has been manifested at Fivelements has superseded my expectations.

Thank you for creating a space for Love, thank you for honoring nature, and thank you for living with consciousness & oneness.

Jo Mall & Edo Kahn
(Musicians & Vibrational Healing Therapists, Australia)


What a gift to Bali - to the world... an eco-spiritual architectural wonder... a manifestation of consciousness... an emergence of Love... an embodiment of Oneness.

Blessed Blessed Be

Maha Dewi Isira Sananda
(Spiritual Teacher)


The Divine presence of Love... an epicureans delight... the nature of the soul... the nurture of the earth...

Thank you

Dianne Bernhard
(National Arts Club - NYC)


Thank you for honoring all the senses with your healing food. Your presentation and attention to every detail honors the individual and the whole. I feel truly blessed to have had this phenomenal experience!

I leave healed, refreshed and renewed.

With honor and respect

Jennifer Butler


What a magical transformative experience here - you have created a world within a world. All the best that Bali can offer.

Marcia Jaffe
(Bali Institute President)


I'm a meat - eater. So I was dubious - Well it was amazing! The flavours jumped off the plate. Although I won't be turning veg. I will now make more of an effort to jazz up my salads.

Thank you

Shelly Horton
(Editor-at-Large, Sun Herald Newspaper, Sydney - Australia)


A magical place, indeed. In this healing centre, I feel total authenticity all around me. This is a place where true healing can occur.

Thank you

Matthew Thurn